Microbiological Analyses

Water Testing

Bacteriological water analysis is a method of analyzing water to estimate the numbers of bacteria present and, if needed, to find out what sort of bacteria they are. It represents one aspect of water quality. It is a microbiological analytical procedure which uses samples of water and from these samples determines the concentration of bacteria. It is then possible to draw inferences about the suitability of the water for use from these concentrations. This process is used, for example, to routinely confirm that water is safe for human consumption or that bathing and recreational waters are safe to use.

The interpretation and the action trigger levels for different waters vary depending on the use made of the water. Whilst very stringent levels apply to drinking water, more relaxed levels apply to non-potable and recreational waters, where much lower volumes of water are expected to be ingested by users.

Quality Control and Product Testing

Microbiological air and surface testing are used as a monitoring tool to ensure a safe, clean working environment.

Antimicrobial products can also be tested to determine disinfectant properties.

Microbiological Testing Services

Total Coliform by membrane filtration (SM 20th-1997)
Fecal Coliform by membrane filtration (SM 20th-1997)
Escherichia coli by membrane filtration (EPA 1603, mTEC and HACH 10029, Rev. 10)
Heterotrophic plate count (SM 20th-1997)
Pseudomonas by membrane filtration (SM 20th-1997)
Klebsiella by membrane filtration (SM 20th-1997)
Enterococcus and fecal Streptococcus by membrane filtration (SM 20th-1997)
Disinfectant kill time tests (FDA)
LADHH FD-4 Application for License To Use Secondhand Containers
Various microbiological qualitative and quantitative tests.


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E.coli EPA 1603

Fecal Coliform on mfc agar

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